The Global War On You Know Who

"The West is facing a concerted effort by Islamic jihadists, the motives and goals of whom are largely ignored by the Western media, to destroy the West and bring it forcibly into the Islamic world -- and to commit violence to that end even while their overall goal remains out of reach. That effort goes under the general rubric of jihad."
-- Robert Spencer

Monday, June 06, 2005

Prepare For Tha Shiznit, Beyatch

A terrifying reminder to our enemies of what we got and they don't: gold-toothed Compton carjackers . . . honed to deadly perfection by the Marine Corps. Turn up the bass, and see for yourself: Live From Iraq. Hoo-rah!

Read their story here, and buy the CD here.

Other formidable weapons in our arsenal:
Ten or so interrogators would gather and sing the Rolling Stones' "Time Is on My Side" outside Kahtani's cell. Sometimes they would play a recording of "Enter Sandman" by the heavy-metal group Metallica, which brought Kahtani to tears, because he thought (not implausibly) he was hearing the sound of Satan.
Who needs pliers and sodium pentothal? We've got Western culture!

UPDATE: Oh. Wow. What icy heart wouldn't melt? The good chaps at Al-Faw prove that Brits can have fun anywhere: The Way to Amarillo.


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