The Global War On You Know Who

"The West is facing a concerted effort by Islamic jihadists, the motives and goals of whom are largely ignored by the Western media, to destroy the West and bring it forcibly into the Islamic world -- and to commit violence to that end even while their overall goal remains out of reach. That effort goes under the general rubric of jihad."
-- Robert Spencer

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Just Because We Can

Oh lordy. The cartoon jihad has unleashed some of the best humor the civilized world has produced in eons. Don't miss:

Muzzie rave party feat. DJ Iman Hussein. Ecstasy, glow sticks, and pacifiers would not add much to the weirdness.

Wisconsin Lutherans riot over caricatures of Vince Lombardi: "Those who sow the curds of blasphemy will reap the cheddar wheel of destruction."


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