The Global War On You Know Who

"The West is facing a concerted effort by Islamic jihadists, the motives and goals of whom are largely ignored by the Western media, to destroy the West and bring it forcibly into the Islamic world -- and to commit violence to that end even while their overall goal remains out of reach. That effort goes under the general rubric of jihad."
-- Robert Spencer

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Profile: The Murder of Rashad Khalifa

Dr. Rashad Khalifa was an Egyptian biochemist living in Tuscon, Arizona, and was the imam of a local mosque. He had employed a complex numerological technique to prove -- depending on the report -- either that the hadiths are forgeries, that the Qur'an was written by God, or that Khalifa himself was a prophet.

He was murdered in 1990 by members of Al-Fuqra, a domestic terror group with an estimated 1000-3000 members. No shooter has ever been convicted.

The year before, 38 Saudi clerics had issued a fatwa calling for the assassinations of Salman Rushdie and Rashad Khalifa: "both Rashad and Rushdi are apostate."

Wadi El Hage, Osama bin Laden's personal secretary, was involved.

Al Fuqra is also known as Jamaat ul-Fuqra, Community of the Impoverished. Profiles of the group are here and here.


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